The Little Book of Bathroom Sudoku

Sudoku is the most intensely addictive puzzle available. And with good reason – it’s fun! Sudoku requires no math or knowledge of trivia, and is a great way to test your logic skills on the train, on the plane, or even in the bathroom! Educators are even using these creative puzzles to teach logical thinking to students of all ages.

With 160 puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty – from easy to evil – The Little Book of Bathroom Sudoku (Fair Winds Press/October 2005/$9.95 paperback) is the ideal companion for puzzle lovers of all ages and skill levels. By figuring out how to place numbers in a grid so that each number appears in each row, square, and column of the grid, we can challenge our logical thinking.

Terry Stickels is one of the worlds foremost puzzle creators with more than a dozen books to his credit. He is the author of three internationally syndicated puzzle columns, including a weekly column in USA Weekend. He writes “Stickelers,” a puzzle column syndicated daily by King Features, appearing in some of the largest newspapers in the United States such as the New York Daily News, the Chicago-Sun Times, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

It is somehow fitting that a great puzzle popularizer such as Terry Stickels presents us with the most popular puzzle of our time. Prepare for a challenge because sudoku will provoke you!” --Barry R. Clarke, puzzle editor of The Daily Telegraph.


The Little Book of Bathroom Sudoku


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