Skill Games vs. Luck Games

There are only two types of games: the ones based on skill and the ones based on luck. I presume that you are hooked on Sudoku and I don´t have to remind you that it falls under the skill-game category. To solve the toughest puzzles you must be extremely focused and be able to think many steps ahead.

Let´s examine some of the most popular casino games online and see if they are skill or luck based. Then later you should find a good online casino review if you feel like trying your luck with some of these games after reading this.

Casino games based on luck

Online Slots

To win at slots you need a whole lot of luck, which obviously makes it impossible to win at slots in the long run. When you run out of gifts from Lady Fortune you´ll also run out of money to play with. The house has an edge on every bet you make and will eventually gain money regardless of the fluctuations you may witness. (In rare occasions, however, when the jackpots are very large, players may have positive expected value. Finding these situations is actually a game of skill.)
- RNG & payout percentages

Online Roulette

Throughout history, many have claimed to know the secret of roulette games and have come up with strategies to beat the game. This, unfortunately, has shown to be complete nonsense every time. The house has a few percent on everything you wager and that is impossible to beat. To win you simply need to rely on your luck.
- House edge

Casino games based on skill


On the contrary to what many think, poker has very little to do with luck at least in the long run. Of course, if you only play one hand, the luck will have a huge impact on the result. But if you play 1 million hands, the luck will even out. The only way you can win in the long haul is to be a better player than the ones you are up against.
- Different poker variations

Both luck & skill


Blackjack can be categorized as both a luck and skill game. If you play according to the basic strategy, the house will always have an, although small, edge. In that situation you can´t win over time. However, if you know how to count cards and exploit profitable situations at the table you can actually beat the casino.
- Rule variations and the house advantage


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