Bingo strategies

Bingo is generally seen as an easy game to play. Young and old alike can learn and enjoy it, and whilst there�s potential for winning substantial sums, other games like poker and roulette are perceived as having rather higher earning capacity as well as higher stakes. Whether you are playing online bingo or any other games offered such as slots, there is still a strategic element to the game of bingo - it�s not all down to luck. Here are a few outlined tips and tricks:

- It sounds obvious but keep track of the pattern on your cards - for newcomers it can be quite difficult to see the pattern on their cards, particularly if you�re playing a version with a complicated pattern, such as a kite or a �crazy� shape (crazy usually denotes that the game can be won by finding the designated pattern in an upside down or sideways configuration, not only upright).

- The odds of winning in a progressive jackpot game of bingo are determined by how many bingo cards there are in play. So the fewer there are in circulation, the better chance you�ve got of winning. This means that it�s better to play when there are few other gamers - go to the bingo hall when it�s wet or on an unpopular night and you�re likely to do better than when the hall is full.

- Buy multiple cards. Each card has an equal chance of winning so it makes sense that the more cards you have the more chance you have of winning the jackpot. The general consensus is to look around you, see how many cards on average other players have, and if you feel comfortable, add a few more. With greater experience, it becomes easier to keep track of multiple cards. Do bear in mind however that buying more cards is more expensive, and you may lose more money this way, so only do this with high jackpot games you feel are worth the risk.

- It bears repeating again - stay alert! Countless small fortunes have been lost because a player was too distracted to notice the pattern emerging on a lucky card. If you�re playing online, check out bingo bonus websites to play for free.


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