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If you want to know more about sudoku puzzles this is the links for you. We have handpicked a bunch of quality websites about sudoku.

Sudoku Google Module
Add sudoku puzzles to your Google personalized start page, so that you can play sudoku just by opening your internet browser.

WikiPedia: Sudoku
Contains an introduction, the rules and terminology, solution methods, difficulty ratings and information about construction of sudokus, variants, the mathematics of sudoku and the history.

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Fiendish Sudoku
New puzzles every day at five difficulty levels. Online solver with hints and step-by-step solutions. Large archive of graded puzzles.

Sudoku Place
Daily, graded sudoku puzzles in PDF format, plus an archive, variations and the Sunday Su Dozen.

Sudoku Portal
A new portal for sudokus.

Cool Websites Blog
Regularly posting of cool websites of various topics.



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