Mobile Sudoku

Get the mobile sudoku puzzle, so you can play the sudoku game on your cell phone no mather where you are. The game runs on Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and more. Go to the bottom of this page for a full list of compatible cell phones.



  • Several looks are available: play Sudoku with illustrations instead of numbers!
  • Readily available help: Verify your strategy whenever you need to.
  • Several levels of difficulty: Easy, Average, Expert.


Mobile Sudoku Screenshots:

Mobile phones compatible with the sudoku game

Alcatel One Touch 556 565 735i 756 835. LG 7050 B2100 C1100 C1150 C2200 C3310 C3320 C3380 C3400 F1200 F2100 F2250 F2300 F2400 F2410 F3000 F7250T L1100 L3100 P7200 S5200 U8150 U8290 U880. Motorola C380 C385 C650 C975 C980 E1000 E1060 E1120 E398 E550 E770 V1050 V176 V185 V220 V230 V235 V330 V360 V3v V400 V500 V525 V535 V545 V547 V550 V555 V557 V600 V620 V635 V80 V975 V980 W220. Nokia 2650 3100 3105 3108 3120 3125 3152 3155 3155i 3200 3205 3220 3230 3250 3300 3650 3660 5100 5140 6012 6020 6021 6030 6060 6070 6100 6101 6102 6103 6108 6125 6131 6136 6152 6155 6155i 6170 6220 6230 6230i 6233 6234 6235 6235i 6255 6260 6270 6280 6282 6560 6585 6600 6610 6610i 6620 6630 6670 6680 6681 6682 6800 6810 6822 7200 7210 7250 / 7250i 7260 7270 7360 7370 7610 N-Gage N-Gage QD N70 N71 N91 N92. Panasonic X200 X400 X60. Sagem MyZ-5 myC5-2 myV-55 myV-65 myV-75 myX-4 myX-7 myX5-2 myZ-55. Samsung D500 D500E D508 D600 D600E D720 D800 E100 E300 E310 E330 E530 E600 E630 E700 E710 E720 E730 E800 E810 E820 X100 X105 X120 X600 Z105 Z107 Z500. Sharp GX-10 GX-15 GX-20 GX-25 GX-31. Siemens C65 C75 CV65 CX65 CX70 CX70 Emoty CX75 CXV65 M65 M75 ME75 S65 S75 SK65 SL65 SL75. Sony-Ericsson D750 F500i J300 K300 K500i K600 K608i K610 K700 K750 M600 S600 S700i V600i V800i W550 W600 W900 W950 Z1010 Z500i Z520i Z800i.

If your mobile isn't listed you should check out mobile phone reviews and consider getting a new phone.


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