Sudoku and Bingo: A Perfect Match?

Sudoku fans love numbers. The mental thrill players can get from completing a difficult puzzle can be hard to beat - the sheer simplicity of the rules combined with the difficulty of some puzzles makes for a mesmerising combination.

There are other games that seem to have similarities to Sudoku and one of them is bingo. Bingo is a game of numbers but unlike Sudoku bingo requires no serious thinking time. This is one of the reasons it has become so popular with Sudoku enthusiasts.

The thrill of waiting for your number to come out in bingo is a similar thrill to waiting for that inspiration to hit when thinking of the number to complete the Sudoku grid!

By playing bingo, Sudoku players can have the best of both worlds: the delight of finding the right numbers plus the relaxation of a break from the mental challenge presented by their favourite game. With the many varieties of bingo available, players can try out the different types to find their favourite. Although bingo halls have these different types to try out, often it is at the online bingo sites that players can find the biggest variety. Online bingo sites also have a range of different games to choose from, including the usual favourites 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo plus more obscure kinds such as 80 ball bingo and 30 ball bingo which is sometimes referred to as speed bingo.

Bingo games are great for playing alongside other types of game. Sudoku fans can choose from a range of bingo options as well as play their favourite number grid games at the same time as their bingo action, especially with the online version. In fact, with the auto- daub function now a regular feature at online bingo sites, players need not worry about missing their numbers being called. The site will automatically strike them off so you can concentrate on your Sudoku game!

Sudoku players are looking to bingo as an alternative to their usual game because in the gaming world it is always good to have a change of pace now and then. The act of challenging the brain in a new way helps to keep the mind fresh and ready for more Sudoku action. Both bingo and Sudoku rely on finding those perfect numbers, whether you need that one last number to complete your entire grid or just have one to go on your 90 ball game!

Of course, another great thing about bingo that Sudoku fans are embracing is the strong social element. This is something that can be a little lacking in Sudoku gaming as the games can be quite insular with so much mental focus that they sometimes don't leave space for social interaction. The strengths of online bingo especially lies in all the chat and banter that goes on between players. Whether you are playing in a live gaming hall or online, there is plenty of chat action. There are also lots of special games available at online bingo rooms devoted to chat, where players take part in fun quizzes using the chat boxes. These games allow players to win bingo bonus points.

So it is clear why Sudoku players are turning to bingo for a relaxed alternative to their favourite game and also as a sociable game that can enjoyed alongside their Sudoku games. The numbers games are uniting to provide a great combination of fun and mental challenge like none other!


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